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Muyasoft designs Web sites with a smooth, elegant style, international look, high impact, a Web-friendly palette, and fast-loading pages to produce the optimal Web experience: a site that gets it message across quickly and attractively. We tests the site's functionality on multiple platforms and with multiple browsers.

It’s all about building a great site. Allow us to tell you how we are going to do that. Let’s Talk

First let us just sit together and talk
At this stage, it is important for both of us to understand what you want from your website. Do you have a particular style in mind? Perhaps you want a special functionality or feature that your business requires.We will analyze the possibilities of your requirements.

Putting our heads together
At this stage, we begin visualizing what your website is going to look like. You could tell us of the different sorts of navigation links you would like. Would you like pages like a homepage, a page about your company, your products and services and other such information? If you wish to put in information about your products, you could give us an Excel Spread Sheet that has your product’s details. This would include data like the Product’s name, ID numbers, prices, respective product photos, etc.

Virtual Framework
To help you understand what your website looks like at every stage, and the different changes, we create a virtual framework. This framework is like a site map. It will visually show you the different pages, navigation features, functional and content elements of the website.

Now what goes into your website?
Here is where a lot of the work comes in. At this stage, we are going to decide on the content. The Virtual Framework will be brought in, as we decide on the different kinds of content that go in. This would include all the information about your products and services. A lot of writing and planning goes into this stage. You can be sure that a lot of different changes will come in at this stage of the website’s development. Miracle Studios has a different division alltogether for content writing/development.

At this stage, we will begin working on a base design of your website. It will contain all the different pages with the design and content. Once this has been done, we bring it to you for approval. We will ensure that you are absolutely satisfied about how we are working and if we are moving in the right direction. So, even if it involves a lot of re-work, you can be rest assured that we will not leave ourselves at peace till you are absolutely satisfied.

Once you are happy with the base design, we will create the rest of the pages and receive your approval at every stage. At any time you wish to see the progress of your site, you could log on to your website through our testing server.This lets you look at the site whenever you want.

Getting a little technical Once you are happy with the entire design, we convert and build your pages using HTML and CSS. The first allows your content to get published on the web, in a language that the Internet can understand. CSS organizes the different font faces, styles, colors etc., on your site and ensures its consistency.

Bugs and bedlam!
This stage is the testing phase. We pick out errors if any. We prod and pull and test and try each and every inch of the website, till we are sure that it is absolutely bug-free. Of course, you will be a very part of this stage. This is because in many areas, you will be able to find errors in website content, better than we can. All platforms are checked for technical errors and we also devote a high amount of time and attention to cross-browser functionality features, readiness for search engines, language and spelling checks, link checks, programming functionalities etc.

The big day arrives!
Next we copy all the completed website files and scripts to your domain. All the databases are setup. And then we go live!

Of course, it does not just end there. We ensure that your site is monitored for a period for proper programming and script functioning. We will then give you all your website files in the form of a zipped archive. Along with this you will also be provided with details of the administrative functions of your host account.

There are, no doubt, a lot of other technical details involved in the development of your website. But we hope we have spared you those details, to help you better comprehend how we intend to create a great site for you!

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